Liberation Mission For Christ


We help Missionary work become more effective

LMC Global is an international apostolic family of churches and ministries from difference locations, countries and continents of the world. We share common vision, mission, values, goals, and a commitment to plant and nurture churches and ministries throughout the nations of the earth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exalt Jesus Christ as Lord, obey His Word, and encourage and equip each believer for the work of ministry. This mission will essentially be accomplished by the fourfold mandate God has given us: prayer, evangelism, discipleship, and leadership.

Our Vission

To build a relationship with Jesus, with one another, and to reach the world from house to house, city to city, nation to nation, with the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

what we do.

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We are committed to planting missional churches until the gospel has reached every person, group, and locality. We plant churches that plant churches in order to see lives transformed by Christ’s love and truth. LMC Global Church Planting lays out a clear roadmap for you to start a new church, a campus ministry, or increase your existing church.



Today, everyone needs to be a disciple of Christ. It’s a job for every Christian parent, beginning from the home to the local church, our schools, and into the communities. For children in our community to grow up in the fear of the Lord. The church must support parents to train their children to grow up fearing and loving God. A healthy relationship is a must, not an option. 



We’re a gospel missionary-based nonprofit organization focused on revitalizing the areas in which we are located and work, typically low-income, underserved neighborhoods that have experienced significant disinvestment. We provide a wide range of services in order to promote the development of the communities where we are based and serve. Come along with us.

Policy and


LMC Global places a premium on research. With in-depth analyses of churches and mission-focused research, research provides a source of information on the global church’s mission and commitment to maintaining the highest possible possibility, revealing an important methodological note regarding the task of quantifying the mission and growth of local churches in every community of people.



Our education program is a place-based, solution-oriented approach to improving quality of life in the geographical areas we work and serve. We seek to end present inequities, not just alleviate their effects. Typically, we focus on programs that improve the lives of the people in the community. We also look for integrated, multi-faceted interventions.



Every Christian is a missionary here on earth. We’re all soul winners called to be true disciples of Jesus Christ and make more disciples. God called us to his service. He gave each one of us a vision and mission to accomplish while we live and walk the walk of faith. Let’s rise to the task today. This is our heartbeat at LMC Global.


Delivering Biblical solutions for people in need

Everyone needs Jesus; everyone needs to hear Him to believe in Him! This is good news for all.
LMC Global is a nonprofit that makes it easy and safe to support Church growth and discipleship anywhere while providing local Church Leaders and organizations the biblical
training and leadership they need to become more effective.
Building Churches
Child Evangelism
Leadership Training
Coaching and Mentoring
  1. Get inspiration, support, and constructive clarity from mentorship and coaching, videos, blogs, and additional assets. Use our support system to find fresh inspiration and focus.
  2. Meet and be inspired by the LMC Global Ministries Leadership Team from various disciplines. Find innovative strategies to stay relevant while still embracing the new multicultural Christian world.
  3. For college students, we expand your brains to different viewpoints and introduce you to new Christian leaders. Get classroom resources that will both motivate and educate you.
  4. We reinvigorate your church by providing training, resources, and services to help you serve your multi-ethnic community of people. Learn from the successful history and solutions shared by devoted men and women of God.

Let God use you.

We make it safe and easy, and we do encourage anyone to be available for God to use to do the impossible with them or through them. We encourage giving to support missionary work and evangelism anywhere in the world. The whole world is our mission field, and we hope its yours too. Want to support our ministry with your donation for your favorite cause? We’ve got you covered with our prayers. While not connecting with us now. Send us an email here. or contact us.

About Prayerforce Community.

Center for World Prayer Command vision is to reach out to the unsaved world through the power of prayer and intercession. It’s our priesthood responsibility to pray for all men, lifting up holy hands unto God our Father in heaven.

  1. Why Prayerforce – God/Bible command us all to pray without ceasing. Jesus said pray that you will not fall into temptation. Apostle Paul said men ought always to pray withhold hand lift up unto God. Prayer must become our lifestyle here on earth. To pray it’s on an option to be considered but a necessity for our daily victory and survival in our children walk.
  2. Our Vision: that all of us will create or become prayer warrior in your own household, church community and nation.
  3. How do I start: Have a prayer program, create a prayer room or alter in your own house where you and family go to talk to go and intercede for others regularly!
  4. When do I start? Begin today, a decision to take honestly before God to stand in the gap for your family, church community and nation.
  5. Where do I start: Where I am now and with those with me and around me!
  6. Who do start with? Your spouse and children at home. Let’s remember the family that prays together stay together.
  7. What do I need to become a Prayerforce Command: My Bible and hearts committed to learn and knows how to discover spiritual weapons hidden in the Scriptures
  8. Training and Coaching: Our prime aim is to walk through the pages of scripture to discover hidden treasure and divine weapon that men and women of old used to turn situations upside down for their progress and victory.

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Who We Are: Mission Leaders Network

We are gifted at working with leaders at all levels and they all get the individual attention they need to solve complex problems. Instead of an off-the-shelf training program, we custom-design each session based on the outcomes you want. Our training can be used in multiple settings such as retreats, staff meetings, seminars, webinars, or custom-designed training events.

Our facilitators provide supportive, cooperative, challenging opportunities for exploring group issues of all kinds.

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Training, mentoring, and leadership development are key elements of the Liberation Mission for Christ and are offered at a local and global level in a variety of ways.

The Bible consistently demonstrates the importance of handing on the baton, not only in terms of knowledge but also in terms of integrity, love, and experience. LMC’s various programs aim to equip people, especially leaders, to think critically about kingdom ministry and to have the courage, wisdom, and skills to look beyond the present and into the future, making appropriate changes to ministries as the context changes for young people to impart many lives. We aim to raise a generation of young leaders to make a difference in the world for the advancement and progression of Christ’s rule and lordship over the nations of the earth. The focus of our leadership development, whether for national leaders, local pastors and missionaries, field ministry specialists, or young leaders, is on developing a committed labor force, staff, and volunteers who share a clear vision, mission, and consistent biblical values of love and compassion, integrity and justice, and concern for those who have little experience of the love of God. We believe that the Holy Spirit is working in us and with us to raise leaders among many local churches and movements around the world. This has led to a renewed emphasis on providing opportunities for LMC Global leaders to meet together; to learn from one another; to share resources and strategies; to create collaborative tools for ministry; and to strengthen partnership with others in Kingdom ministry for God’s glory and his purpose.

We are here to help you and your church or organization identify, develop, and send out revival leaders to advance the work of God inside the local church and in the communities we live in today.

Let’s work together for the advancement of Christ’s kingdom while it’s still daylight today. For more information, contact us here.

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We make it safe, easy, and fun for anyone to give to vetted nonprofits anywhere in the world. Want to raise money for your favorite cause? We’ve got you covered there, too.

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Business as Missions:

We exist to equip and partner with the Christian business community so that they can meaningfully and practically live out their marketplace calling anywhere.

We impact the Christian business community and seek to inspire and equip others to do the same.

We seek to work to promote the common good of the Christian faith. We believe that together we can have a tremendous impact for God’s Kingdom by widening the community of those that consider and act upon their Christian values in and through their business.

We seek to move alongside each other to discover God’s purpose and, at the same time, journey together to find divine wisdom in all we do.

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Global Mission News is a Christian publishing company and charitable trust committed to the dissemination of biblical Christianity throughout the world, particularly through its hard copy and online English-language newspapers.

Biblical Christianity centers upon the glorious redeeming work of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and only mediator between God and man, as expounded by the doctrines of grace. True Christianity proclaims that the only way to God is through Jesus Christ.

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The Ministry of LMC Global is to advance the Christian faith presence in schools, colleges, university campus and beyond by means of

  1.  Promoting, supporting and maintaining Christian fellowship of student movements
  2. We seek to awaken and deepen personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and to further evangelistic work among students throughout the student world.
  3. Strengthen Christian fellowship and godly relationships among students in and out of campus life.

We want to nurture, train, and impart students to be living evidence of the gospel (a testimony of biblical faith) and well equipped to creatively engage other students by sharing their faith in all schools and university.

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School Project

Volunteer Needed

Donate as much or as little time as you can from home. Whether you’re taking part in your own fundraising, helping to organize large-scale events, or managing projects, there are plenty of ways to get involved.

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more. We’d love to hear from you!

If you are interested in volunteering or would like some more information on how you can help, please kindly sent us your email here.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Who are we?

  1. We are God’s people, a peculiar and holy nation. Jesus Disciples called out of the world to declare God’s glory among the nation and his wondrous work to all people on earth.
  2. Secondly, we are an Apostolic Movement sent to proclaim Jesus as the Lord and savior of all mankind in all nations of the earth.
  3. Thirdly, We are disciples committed to reaching out to preach and teach God’s word to all people with the purpose of making them obey and worship Jesus in spirit and in truth.
  4. Fourth, We are a prayerforce, a royal priesthood, set a part for God to use to make intercession, prayers, supplications, and requests on behalf of man to God in prayer.

Our Mission

Our Mission is sum up in one word that is REACH

Reaching Up | Loving God:
Vertical reach to touch God –We reach up through worship, praise, obedient, and prayer.

Reach In | Serving Each Other:
Horizontal reach to bless others – We serve God by loving and serving each other.

Reach Out | Changing The World:
Outward reach to can change the world – We have to be bold and courageous. Jesus commanded us to go into the entire world and present the good news and disciples.

Summarily: Our mission is leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ

You’re welcome to join us fulfilling this vision, mission and dreams God has given us to run with. And feel free to contact us either by email or you may call us on phone direct

We will glad to hear from you.

Thank you

Ed Arcton Ministries

Our mission statement can be summed up in one word: REACH.

Reaching Up | Loving God:
Vertical reach to touch God: We reach up through worship, praise, and prayer.

Reach In | Serving Each Other:
Horizontal reach to bless others – We serve God by loving and serving each other.

Reach Out: Changing the World
Outward reach can change the world. We have to be bold and courageous. Jesus commanded us to go into the entire world and present good news and disciples.

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