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LMC Global Volunteers

The ministry of LMC Global reaches far and wide. And whilst we have a small team committed to deliver and implement our vision and mission on the field, we rely on many faithful volunteers, without whom we simply wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Wow! So … the only qualifications for becoming a volunteer are:

  1. being a passionate disciple of Jesus Christ
  2. being hard working and reliable, this is very important, and
  3. having one of the skills that we are currently in need of.

So, check out the list below. If you feel that you fit in on one or more then contact us. We would love to hear from you.

And, of course, the tasks performed by volunteers, whilst unpaid, are critical to the operations of the ministry. We therefore need to ensure that each individual has the skills, the heart for the ministry, and the dedication and reliability required to meet these demands.

While we greatly appreciate all offers of assistance, we have in the past relied on people who “failed to deliver”. So we hope that you will understand that there is a process of selection and confirmation for all volunteers.

LMC Global Volunteer Policy is Here


LMC Global Prayer Partner


What a privilege it is to join hands with God in prayer to see His will done on earth as it is in heaven. And what a great privilege it is to have you join the LMC Global Prayerforce to pray with us and for us that many, many, many more lives will be touched and transformed through LMC Global ministry outreach!

Here are some very specific prayer-points that we have no doubt the Lord will answer. Thank you for praying with us!

  1. Pray for the rapidly growing WhatsApp daily Fresh devotional and inspirational ministry in Ghana as we reach more people each and every day with the Word of God in English direct on their mobile phones! Ask the Lord to truly encourage, comfort and embolden His people as they hear and read God’s Word to impart and bring heart of regeneration
  2. Continue to pray for breakthroughs in our mission field as we work with indigenous and local leaders in many communities. Also continues Bible teaching programs to take the Gospel farther and wider. We have been working with some of the local churches for some time now … and we are believing that God will bring some breakthroughs through our prayer togetherThis is a longstanding prayer point … so let’s be persistent in bringing this before the Lord, just as He taught us to be (Luke 11:5-13).
  3. Give thanks for the impact of our Powerful Prayerforce Center site … and the many people who have already received prayer support and answers to prayer. And please, as you are able, visit the site, pray for your fellow believers and leave them words of encouragement as you feel led.
  4. Pray that the Lord will go ahead to open hearts in a spirit of generosity as LMC Global prepares to launch its annual Appeal of support for the ministry monthly. This is such an important time of the year in raising the support needed to start the coming year and beyond on a strong financial footing, so that we can step into the many opportunities that the Lord continues to open up to reach the lost with the Good News of Jesus Christ.   
  5. Pray for our leadership team, who is working to equip and empower Christian to be true witnesses of Jesus wherever they are or may be. Our role is to act as a missionary consultant and trainer to enable local churches to raise their own local leaders and funding support, so that they can fulfill the great commission in their communities in Ghana, Togo and beyond … in fact right across the African continent. We are able to provide this assistance to local Church free of charge as our role is funded completely through the support of friends like you.
  6. Pray for the LMC Global team as they work right now to prepare for Bible teaching messages that will go to air around the globe year by year and season by season. This is a time when people’s hearts are more open than ever to hear about Jesus – may many more receive Him as their Saviour through these messages in many countries around the globe.
  7. Give thanks to the many people who work so hard behind the scenes in literature production, website design and development, proofreading, and a whole host of other essential tasks, without which the ministry of LMC Global simply wouldn’t be able to reach millions of people each week with the love of God in Jesus Christ. Ask the Lord to bless them in the most powerful way for the incredible work that they do in using their gifts for His glory.
  8. Prayerpoints are here


LMC-Global Missions Partners

Dear Friend,

Someone once asked; why do you share the need for support? Wouldn’t God just always provide? That’s a very good question. Since the very first “fundraiser” in the Bible in Exodus 25:1-8, God has chosen to provide for His work, through His people.

In that passage He tells Moses to take up an offering from everyone whose heart prompts them to give. And that’s the key! God of course doesn’t need our money. He does however want our hearts fully devoted to Him alone – and He knows that where our treasure is, there also our hearts shall be.

You can be assured that we treat each gift with great respect, keeping our overheads to a minimum, so that we can reach as many people as possible with the Good News of Jesus.

So I invite you to partner with LMC Global by making a secure, Mobile Money Transfer, online donation right now, either as a onetime gift, or by becoming a monthly supporter. This latter option is so powerful, because it helps put the ministry on a strong financial footing, enabling us to plan new initiatives with a surety of certainty.

You can choose either option by clicking on the “Donate Now” bottom on the top right page, then choose either “One time” or “Monthly” and the amount that you would like to give.

So thank you for giving whatever you are able. Your gift will bring the blessing of Christ to so many people, many of whom have never, ever heard the Good News of Jesus explained to them in their language of understanding.

Your brother in Christ,

LMC Global Team

Partners and Friends are here