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Individual Volunteers

As an individual volunteer, you can work in our partner schools helping facilitate recess teaching and learning, sports, youth leadership programs, special events, or others. You may also become one of our donors in support of our work. Click here to read our volunteer policy.

Partner with us

You and your church, organization, or team can make an impact by working directly to support us or engaging in a missionary outreach and community transformation project. Click here to learn more.

Work with us

Raising a generation of leaders takes a team of the best leaders, teachers, counselors, coordinators, and so much more.

Why volunteer at LMC Global?

LMC Global Mission Volunteers are individuals or couples (ages 18 and up) who seek short-, mid-, or long-term partnerships with missions organizations working in communities around the world and fund themselves. Mission volunteer opportunities are diverse and range from working with deprived people’s groups, children, and youth to serving as a missionary teacher, pastor, camp director, or health care professional. The length of service ranges from two months to more than two years or more.

Apply Now

Applications to the Mission Volunteer Program can be submitted at any point during the year. Applications are reviewed by a panel, and chosen applicants attend a virtual interview. Selected volunteers must commit to three days or more of training before leaving for their placement site. Applications are due two months before trainings commence.
For further details regarding the Mission Volunteer program, please contact us by phone or email here.



Mission Volunteer Opportunities

Explore volunteer opportunities around the world and see our urgent volunteer requests.

  • Full-time Missionary.
  • Professional Teacher  
  • Medical Professions
  • Marketplace Missions
  • Students Ministry
  • Child Evangelism
  • And others

How Long Do You Want to Go?

1. Short-Term Missions

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2. Mid-Term Missions

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3.  Long-Term Missions

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