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Join a Mission Team

If you are willing to expand your worldview in a place where God is working, consider joining a short-term mission’s team. Whether it is your church, your school, your friends, or your family who are ready to serve in missions, we want to help you intersect your passions and God’s best for you.

Team trips can be customized to suit your group’s specific interests and skills. So, if you want to do a construction project, lead a Vacation Bible School program, play soccer with orphans, explore your calling in missions, or do something completely different, there’s a place for you on a team!

Opportunities for Individuals

Are you an individual looking to join a team? LMC Global puts together teams of individuals who are interested in a short-term mission trip, but don’t otherwise have a team to join. Make life-long friends as your serve Christ, shoulder to shoulder with others who have the same passions and interests as you do.

We are always putting together short-term teams that serve in various locations around the world. Perhaps you’re looking to serve in a specific location or a certain ministry. Explore our current opportunities here.

Short-term Service: Encounter Missions

LMC Global Missionary Team

God is doing amazing things around the world, and you can be part of it. Short-term trips are an ideal first encounter with missions or for anyone who wants to put their passions to work on a grander scale. Likewise, youth groups, college groups, or small groups can spend a couple of weeks intentionally serving and learning about God from others of a different culture. No matter your vocation or stage in life, going on a one- to two-week trip with a group of people is an impactful experience.

Mid-term Service: Explore Your Passion

Child Evangelism

One morning, you wake up in the quiet courtyard of a village church. While most of your surroundings are unfamiliar, like the cold showers, the sea breeze or hot weather, the local food for breakfast, and the barefoot children who run by your homestay, one thing remains the same: your desire to restore God’s kingdom to Himself. In that village environment, town, country, or wherever God leads you, you are exploring how your passions intersect with God’s heart. As your missionary host guides you through the new culture and teaches you the values of ministry work, your open hands and teachable spirit allow you to play a part in Christ’s work to reclaim His kingdom. As a mid-term volunteer with LMC Reach Out Global, you can serve anywhere from 1 to 12 months. Volunteers come alongside missionaries and nationals to aid them in their ministry. You will gain a deeper understanding of missions and the realities of cross-cultural living while serving the community in meaningful ways.

These experiences are customized to you. Let’s find where your passion intersects with God’s heart.

To College and Graduate Students: Are you looking for something more than an average internship or practicum? You may be able to earn credits while serving in one of our mission locations over here or around the world.

Long-term Service: Live on Mission

Church Planting and Growth

God has called us to leave His mark in the world and for some this means abandoning our own personal dream, and putting down roots in a community that is very different from your own.

We seek to help you live at the intersection of your passion and God’s heart. Your passion is your desire to follow the heart of God, participating in His vision for the restoration of the world through Christ Jesus. Committing to an extended time of service can be daunting. You have to be not only mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy but also well trained to see your passion fulfilled.  LMC Reach Out Global provides the resources for you to be discipled so that you can go and disciple others. At LMC Global, we have a two-year discipleship program designed to meet your needs, develop you, and prepare you for long-term missions. Preparation starts with mentorship from experienced pastors and missionaries, and when your boots hit the ground in the mission field, you will be surrounded by a team of believers who share your passion and disciple you as you transform communities, change lives, and advance to the heartbeat of God. It is through this that mankind will know Him and bow to worship Him as their Lord and their God. Do you need a Mentor? Learn More here.

What is your Next Step?

Want to take the next step together? Have questions? Our Mobilization Team would love to get to know you and hear your story.

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What is your Next Step?

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