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Become a ‘True Disciple’ of Jesus with LMC Reach Out Global.

The disciples of Jesus are those who learn from Him and follow Him. They basically accept Jesus as the decision maker in their lives. Let us take a look at the characteristics that must be present in the true disciples or devotees of Jesus Christ.

Lord Jesus Should Be the Sole Most Important Person in Your Life

According to the Scriptures, the Lord Jesus says that his disciples must deny themselves, follow him, and take up his cross. He has said that everyone has to make choices in their lives and take decisions according to the priority. Thus, to become a true disciple of the Lord Jesus, he should be the most important person in your life.

Become the ‘Living sacrifice.

To become Jesus’ true disciples, the Romans encouraged them to offer their bodies as a living sacrifice. One needs to completely offer himself to serve the ‘Lord Jesus’. God never forces anyone to be his follower. The Apostle Paul urged the Romans to be available to God, as he wanted more people to join His Kingdom.

Follow the Word

According to ‘John 8:31’ in the Bible, Jesus told Jews who believed in Him’ that they should be ‘His’ disciples. Jesus’s true disciple obeys His word. Disciples should have faith in the ‘Lord’ and abide by each and every word uttered by Him, making those words the essence of their lives.

Pray and Watch

During his life, Jesus looked for solitary places to pray. He had assignments to carry out on earth. Hence, he needed the ‘Almighty Lord’. He has given assignments to his followers, which they should observe and pray for so that they can become ‘His’ true disciples. Followers must abide by the directions of Lord Jesus while they observe and pray.

Fellowship with the Different Believers

The one who has written a letter to the Hebrews has reminded the believers to always assemble in groups. The ‘true disciples’ of ‘Lord Jesus sees value in receiving and contributing to the fellowship with the ‘other believers’.

The Lord Jesus authorizes you as his believers. Becoming Jesus’s ‘true disciple’ should be your motto. Be a learner and follower of the Lord. Let the marks highlighted by him show in your life. Prioritize Jesus over anything else in your life to be a ‘true disciple’. As a true believer, you should also pray to the ‘Almighty’ and abide by his words. Always assemble ‘together’ and fellowship with the ‘other believers as a witness for the Lord Jesus.

Witness for Lord Jesus

Apostle Paul had said he was unashamed of Jesus’ gospel, as it was God’s power to save everyone who believed. If you want to become a true disciple you must consider Lord Jesus to be the sole most important person in your life and help others in becoming believers of the Lord. Propagating Gospel is the mandate of the believers. The ‘true disciple’ of the Lord would witness for Him.

By doing all these you can become the ‘True Disciple ‘of Lord Jesus. To know about our Christian faith, the Church and the Bible click here or kindly contact us here.