Liberation Mission For Christ

Awombrew Community

Rev Arcton addresses the church conference after the worship service
at Awomberew Baptist Church

Awomberew Village Community

The Awomberew Village is located in Gomoa Central between Winneba Township and Sweduo Township in the Central Region of Ghana.

The main occupation of the people is agriculture (farming). The place is dominated by sugarcane farms, and they’re used to prepare and produce the local alcoholic drink, which, after preparation, is sent to the cities and towns for sale. Besides, most women’s major business is trading. Buying and selling farm products during market day and other days when visitors come around. Almost, the inhabitants are farmers and market sellers. The village is an old settlement of indigenous people from other villages nearby who come there for farming purposes.


The inhabitants speak Efutu as their second language and fanti as their first language. Some understands English language as national language in Ghana but unable to speak or express themselves popular. The elite, with good education that speak fluent English do not say there, their all in the Cities and Towns for proper jobs that are not found in our villages. They come home to meet families during occasions or festival season.

Other Religion

There are pockets of Islamism in the nearby villages and are the minorities. It should not be taking for grouted; if the Christian Church fails to response fast enough we may have opposition to tackle another day. Evangelism action is now, not another time.

 In Awomberew Village we see the invasion of JWs activities and even though small but are aggressive in their outreach activities. Their main targets are those who belong to a Christian faith and members of local Churches in the community. It must be face out with the truth of the Holy Scriptures our great weapon of defense. Biblical teaching from by well train Pastors and Church leaders equally is very significant to handle this challenge.

Besides the challenge is for the Christian Church to carefully and prayerfully consider engaging in radical evangelism, leadership development and Church planting initiatives not only in Awombrew Village but also among the surrounding villages on one hand and some social interventions that will improves the living standard of the inhabitant and its surroundings. Such as improvement of water system, agriculture, health and education for children just to mention a few. Your help will highly appreciate.

The unreached, un-evangelize and un-churched villages and towns can only be reached out by the local Christians and local Pastors alike. The answer is for our local churches and their leadership in our cities to invest more human and financial resources into rural missions and evangelism.


The population is about less 8000 or more and about less than 30% found themselves in the church every Sunday morning.


The history of this village tells of strong Fetish priest activities many years ago. The belief in spiritism is very strong. However, the penetration of the Christian gospel, both through the Evangelical, Protestant, and Pentecostal Charismatic initiatives for evangelism and church planting, is yielding a positive response, even though there are still challenges to overcome. The Christians living among them could be described as “nominalism,” in other words, luke-warmers who are not well-disciplined to carry out fruitful evangelism within the community in which they live and work without outside help or proper training. They are not so grounded in the Christian faith that they themselves can also disciple others for Christ. The majority of them are just churchgoers and not kingdom-minded people with disciples making ambitions or for kingdom expansion.

There are local churches, such as
  1. The Methodist Church
  2. Baptist Church
  3. Church of Pentecost
  4. Christ Apostolic Church
  5. Anglican Church.
  6. And others

Other Pentecostal and Charismatic Church in roads into fabric of the community are growing. However more work is needed here also.

Just to mention few, there are other churches gaining grounds which I have not mention over here. These churches are seriously working to breakthrough with the gospel. They need encouragement; support, training, prayer and other assistance that will enable them sustain the work they are doing for the Kingdom of God in the community.

The major challenger is getting a resident pastors to stay among them to provide pastoral leadership and service to the Churches and community.

The Fetish Priest and their form of worship have dominated them for a long time to the extent that, to some they do not see and cannot differentiate between the Bible centered worship and spiritism worship led by their priest that practice spiritism form worship. This form of worship is clarified as an African Traditional Religion (ATR), not Bible centered Worship.

Nonetheless from our finding the traditional Fetish Priest and their worship follower are losing ground because most of their followers have shifted to the Christian community but not converted and properly disciple as born again believers! There is still practice of spotted traditional religion of this faith in Awomberew community and its surrounding today.

But thank be to God for the few local Church leaders who are doing their best to provide biblical teaching to address these issues in their respectively churches. They need encouragement and persistence prayers every day.

We from LMC are here in this village working with the Baptist Church to address these challengers and to bridge the gap by providing Bible teaching, discipleship and leadership training not only for the Baptist church but all local Pastors working in the community to engage in proper disciple-making, Leadership and Church growth.

Awomberew Village Overview

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