I thank the Almighty for letting me have an encounter with REVEREND ARCTON and his missionary team. It’s very awesome and great advantage for me. This group came into the life of AWOMBEREW BAPTIST CHURCH in the year 2018; it’s less than year when I joined the Church. When they came, the Church was spiritually dead. Physically, we were facing many challenges.

Many things in the Church were not in order when they came : Children ministry was dead, there was no records on daily activities in the Church,  evening services are very slow and poor, there was no youth ministry and praise team; this and many more was the sickness of the church when they came. Not forgetting the leadership challenges.

But now, things are getting better by the Grace of God and the effort of this team. Now, record are being taking on all weekly activities in the Church,  Children Ministry started functioning (the covid has stopped them ) the youth ministry is functioning now (they have had four ( 4) successful programs since they commence) though there’s a few challenges but things are getting better,  evening services are also observes well. Though some people were not faithful when they promise to held a position for the church when Reverend was asking us (example is the Usher) but still things were getting butter before the covid, and now it’s gradually rising again.

Through them I myself have grown me spiritually and given me guide lines. I learnt from that since I always eat, my Spirit should also be feed always by the WORD OF GOD. They trained me to develop and exercise my leadership abilities, its responsibilities and hence encourage me to become a faithful lead. I had my water baptize long ago but did not understand it well until their came to teach and explained to the whole church about water Baptism. It was an eye opened to many of us at church. I learnt a lot from them that man has no any reason why he or she should not serve God while still alive on earth, Worship and Obedient is the primary responsibility of every man. Their teachings let me understood Church and why church is very important. I also learnt from them why we celebrate Christmas. Before that I was confused about Christmas celebration but through the teachings and instruction of the Bible everything became clear to me and other at church.

Furthermore, I understood from their teachings that person is a Spirit and there is no male or female. I have also learnt many other things from them which I can’t write all: not forgetting their self-determinined for the church. Though some attitude of members in the church is not encouraging, they still do their work with diligence and sense of commitment. I found out that their determination to build the local church and not giving up till they see a change in the church and the community has challenge me to follow their good example and work on my character.

In fact, I can now confess that they are my MENTOR. To God be the glory that I have had an encounter with these Men of God at Awomberew Baptist Church; their names will always remain in my diaries. They are kind, self determined counselors, loving, caring, and Great Leaders to me and many more. May the Almighty continue to bless them. AMEN!!



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