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Awomberew Community

LMC Global provides humanitarian and social interventions such school, medical helps, agriculture and many more to help improves the living standard of communities they work and serves. We are currently working among the Awomberew Village community in the Gomoa Central in the Central Region of Ghana. Awomberew Village is located in between Winneba Junction and Sweduo Township. To know about the Awomberew Village kindly click here.

We are presently working with the local Baptist Church in the village to bring the goodnews of Christ Jesus to the people. Our presence here in Awomberew have being of a great help to the indigenous people. They speak Fanti and Awutu as their tribal language.

Our discipleship program has led many to surrender fully to Christ as Lord and savoir and has also transformed many lives.

Projects That Needs Help

The only Community School in this village need help to assist and improves the educational standard of the children and for the benefit of the whole village community.

We Needs Your Help Here

Arcton School Complex Project
ASC Donation Needed Charity Fundraiser
Library Books Donation Drive

1. Local School Development Project.

  • Good Learning Structure or building.
  • Tables and Chairs.
  • Text Books and Exercise Book for their learning.
  • Volunteers Teachers to assist in the teaching and development of the pupil Education and learning.
  • Any many more ……

2. Local Church Project.

  • Volunteers to Assistance for Discipleship.
  • Chairs for Church Services and others.

3. School Library Project.

  • School Needs Books for student learning and Library usage.
  • Textbooks and Exercise Books
  • Volunteers Teachers
  • And More …

Please can you help!

If you can; please kindly click to contact us here. You may also send us an Email here or here today. We can be contacted on phone: +233 24 845 2556 or +233 24 906 3103.

School Project
ASC – Books Donation

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