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Several times did I hear people talk about missionaries, I’ve been ministered to by some of them in years to pass but never did I really understand what it meant to be one!

My experience in Awomberew in Ghana was unique in every sense!

It was my first time coming to Africa and not only did I have to learn how to adjust on the mission field but how to integrate myself in a culture that was different from the one I was born into.

In all this I was never alone because my team was really of great help in training me properly.

My first experience was quite a pleasant and comfortable one, since my desire was to encamp in a mud house! I’ve gained a broader understanding on how to communicate and connect with people from diverse backgrounds and age, in order to efficiently present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them.

One of my greatest challenges was preaching at the dawn broadcasting in the local dialect Akan Twi, it was really a step out of my comfort zone since all my ministrations have mostly always been in English but this stretching was necessary for future purposes.

I’m also naturally not a deep sleeper but on mission grounds I experienced what dying to the flesh is!! There were times we would go to bed very very late after tiring activities and then have to wake up very early for intense work. God’s Grace was truly sufficient!

I came back from missions very refreshed by the prayers and devotions and full of knowledge about discipleship.

I encourage everyone to volunteer for missions because it doesn’t just transform the souls you are reaching out to, but you as a missionary as well in primis.


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Author: LMC Missions
Ed Arcton is a Pastor and Missionary. Called into the office of an Apostleship. He is Preacher and Teacher of the Word of God, Mentor, and an Intercessor for Christ.

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