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George and his wife Edith visited me one Sunday after church service with a strong burden to be a missionary in a different region or nation more than anything else. George wanted to submit his resignation immediately to his Boss at work and become a full time servant of the Lord. He and wife were convinced that this is what they had to do if they are to serve the Lord faithfully. Both prayed and fasted again and again that the Lord would open the door for them to go to some faraway land and tell people about Christ Jesus, the savoir of all mankind.

One night after praying that prayer again, early in the morning a friend of theirs came knocking at their door with a question which caused them to rethink what they planned and wanted to do.

Your Life in Neighborhood is Your Mission Field

“Who lives in the apartment near you?” the person asked.

They answered, “A family from the Namibia, South Africa.”

Again the he asked, “Who lives across the street?”

“A African American friend couple from USA.”

“And just down the road two houses from you?”

“A woman and her two daughters from Senegal.”

“And who lives in that house across the street?”

“A family from Mexico,” They answered.

Then they imagined the Lord saying to them, “why should I send you across the ocean or a far way place, when you are not even telling the people about me who live right next to you now.”

You have probably heard it said, “Missionary work begins at home.” That is very true. There are people today who have never heard and understand the story about Jesus Christ in our neighborhood, in your region, in your city and in our country. I firmly believe that some if not the majority of Christians in our local churches today will never become missionaries in a distant country, but they can share their story “what the Lord has done for me” right where they are today. — Michael Moss

The Lord Jesus said “Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things the Lord hath done for thee, and hath had compassion on thee” (Mark 5:19).

By Rev Ed Arcton

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Author: LMC Missions
Ed Arcton is a Pastor and Missionary. Called into the office of an Apostleship. He is Preacher and Teacher of the Word of God, Mentor, and an Intercessor for Christ.

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