Mission Field Report

Mission Field Report

On the 11th of October, 2020, we were at Awomberew mission field to have worship service with the local Church. It was a rainy day which threatened our journey a bit, but by the grace of God the team managed to get to the mission grounds safely. Upon arrival, Church service had already commenced so we quickly settle down and joined the worship.

The church was filled of praises, worship and word ministration. Deacon Isaac led the Sunday school with Bible Study. The topic was “Hearing the voice of God”. Out of this session sufficed lessons on the relevance of the christian hearing from God, which is the first step to obedient to God, and then doing what God tells us to do by the help of the Spirit of God and the Holy Scriptures. 

Pastor Obed preached that day. The sermon entitled “The Just God”. Scriptural text was taken from Acts of Apostles 10:34-35”. He elaborates on how God draws close to those who seeks him diligently and learns to calls on Him as their Lord and God. He admonished the congregation to call on God at all times, cultivates the habit to pray every day and be doers of His Word. Those who practice the habit of seeking and worshipping God in their personal life God will reveal Himself and be found by them. He will be their God, accept them and cleanse them from all unrighteousness and guide them as they walk and live in this life here on earth.

Pastor Obed – Preaching at ABC

Finally, Rev. Ed Arcton exhorted the congregation and urged them to be faithful in the faith and stand firm against false teachers and false doctrines. He finally prayed for them and blessed them.

The mission team donated new chairs to the local church.

LMC Global Mission Donated New Chairs for the Local Church.

LMC Global Donate Chairs to ABC

2 thoughts on “Mission Field Report”

  1. Emmanuel Acquah says:

    God bless LMC may God touch many lives through them.

    1. LMC Missions says:

      Thank you Emmanuel, We appreciate it. God bless you also.

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