Foundational Bible Teaching

  • Rev Arcton Preaching at Awomberew Baptist Church

The Message of Salvation: The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Truth You Must Know, Love and Grow in Grace and in Your Christian Walk!

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Message of Salvation (The Truth)

  1. What Is a Born Again Christian
  2. What does it mean to be a born again Christian
  3. How to Be Born Again
  4. Steps to Becoming Born Again
  5. Salvation is by Grace through Faith
  6. What is Eternal Life

The Gospel

Water Baptism

Church Service

  1. Is Going church so important? Why
  2. 10 Reasons to Go to Church
  3. 99 Reasons You Should go to Church This Weekend

Personal Devotion

The Holy Spirit

Prayer Resource

The Bible

Basic Bible Beliefs and Teaching
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