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Evangelism Focus

In our Community Making Christ Jesus Known

LMC Global Evangelism  

"...Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature..." (Mark 16:15-16)

Personal Evangelism Ministry

 The Personal Evangelism Ministry (PEM) plays a vital part in our church and ministry growth by bringing new members to the Lord and helping maintain members who have already obeyed the gospel. This ministry is designed to spread the good news of the gospel and save those who are lost. To that end, we seek to implement whatever programs and methods are appropriate. This ministry consists of five components: Preaching, Teaching, Hospitality and Greeting, New Members and Restoration.

We focus on one on one personal evangelism and one on one discipleship which has prove every effective over the past years.

Who May Participate?

Any member of the Body of Christ family may participate in PEM, whether he or she has been a member for two days or twenty years.

What experiences are required to serve in one of these ministries?

Teaching others requires willingness to study and learn the Word of God with a passion for bringing the lost to Christ. To greet people, one must show himself/herself to be hospitable and friendly. Restoring delinquent members requires sensitive and compassionate Christians while one must be caring, friendly, consistent and faithful to engage with new members. These are all qualities and experiences of Christians; so being a Christian is the minimum qualification.

How a Person May get involved?

Just inform the contact person for the ministry of your interest and come to the next scheduled meeting. You will then be given responsibilities to carry out.


Begin by sharing to the others particularly, the unsaved how you became born again child of God and what the Lord has done for you and can do for everyone who make a decision to  surrender his/her life to Jesus Christ as Lord and savior of all mankind


The Teaching ministry is the foundation of the PEM. Our goal is to equip members of the team with the necessary information to conduct Bible studies and to make sure every visitor is exposed to the gospel of Christ.


The purpose of the Hospitality and Greeting ministry is to provide a nurturing environment that is conducive to an effective worship service by greeting visitors, welcoming members, disseminating information, communicating ministries, and following up with visitors.

New Members

The New Members ministry is designed to support newly baptized members and members who’ve recently placed membership with our local congregation. This ministry seeks to ensure members are rooted and grounded in the truth and feel a part of the church family.


The Restoration ministry is structured to restore delinquent members to the body of Christ and to facilitate the intervention of members to minimize future delinquency.

You too can be part of our Personal Evangelism Ministry team.