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Gomoa Central Mission Trip

Gomoa Awomberew, Gomoa Abenyi, Gomoa Abaasa and Gomoa Brayenda Communities.

 Dated 16th – 20th December 2021

LMC Global missionaries embarked on their last missionary work for the year 2021. They set off to Gomoa Abaasa with the aim of working among Abonyi, Awomberew , Abaasa and Brayenda communities in the Central region of Ghana. The team arrived and were warmly welcomed at Gomoa Abaasa by Mr. Emmanuel, the head master of the Arcton School Complex.

After settling down and committing ourselves unto fervent prayers, we left our hostel to Awomberew where we spent some time with the pupils at Arcton School Complex. We had the privilege of assisting the children and being part of their mathematics class. Our ladies in our team committed themselves to teach new songs to the children as well as playfully enjoyed dancing with them.  The children were responsive and excited at our visit; it was their last day in School before the Christmas holidays.

After that we met the Head Master and School teachers at a meeting to discuss about the challenges, the progress and goals for the school. It was a successful meeting with the School Teachers and Staff.

Ruth, Annalisa and Pastor Fred with the School Children

From here we went back to our hostel to rest for awhile and later gathered together for missionaries’ training. Biblical Discipleship was the main theme for the training. The Scriptural text was taken from the following passages in the Bible, (Acts 1:8; Acts 28:30-32; Matthew 28:18-20).

Rev. Ed Arcton was the main resource person. He explained and expounded the text and went into depths to explain one of the primary focus of the Great Commission, he taught “what is discipleship and the three important principles attached to effectively discipleship making”.  In summery “We must first GO (by being obedient to God), then BAPTIZE (which is necessary of our identification with Christ Jesus in his death, burial and resurrection) and finally TEACH the message of the Gospel. It was our first day on the mission field.  The grace of God was rich toward us; the Holy Spirit endowed us with strength from above to accomplish the purpose to which we have come to do for the glory of the Lord.  

With the same strength on the second day, we all woke up very early in the morning for prayer time before moving out for dawn broadcasting around 4:00 am. Pastor Isaac preached at the dawn broadcasting at the community information center.  We got back to prepare for our missionary training in the morning, it’s was the beginning of the second day.

The major thing we learnt before practically applying them in the afternoon evangelism was the understanding that discipleship is for very believer in Christ and not only meant for particular group of people, for it is a command from the Lord to be obeyed and primary responsibility for every believer.  

In the afternoon same day our Missionary team had the privilege to be present at the “Speech and Price Giving Day” at Arcton School Complex.  After that we began evangelism and follower up at Gomoa Abonyi Community.   The team was split into two groups for efficient work.

Evangelism at Abaasa and Obenyi. (Pastor Obed sharing the Gospel)

TEAM 1 reached out to one side of the community and shared the gospel to household and two old people of different families; they both testified of knowing Jesus Christ but didn’t have a imitate relationship with him. The Bible was explained to them and by the help of the Holy Spirit; Jesus was reintroduced to them and an invitation to accept and dedicate themselves to Jesus and constantly abide in the Word of God.

TEAM 2 on the other hand move to the other side of the community, preached to a group of young people who got convicted, surrender their life to Jesus for salvation. With words of encouragement they were all strengthened in the faith. The joy for us was not just seeing all these souls saved but having them all abide in the faith and begin to live the scriptures every day as we see the coming of the Lord draw nearer.

In the evening our missionary team had half night prayer time with Awomberew Baptist Church. Rev Ed Arcton was the main speaker for the night; he preached on the importance on being led by the Spirit of God and walking in the Spirit.  The rest of night was spent in prayer for the communities and the local Churches.   


Who would have ever thought that a simple meditation walk on the hills after dawn prayers could have brought us to discover a new village and win it all to Jesus Christ? 

Well, that’s what happened on our third day trip: after our dawn prayers we decided to go for a walk on the hills beyond Awomberew Community, we walked for a while then stopped at a new community by named Brayenda (a hidden unknown village very distant from the social life down the valley).

We met two women but then the Holy Spirit led us to a specific woman of the area. She was very open and so receptive to the Word of God that she ended up giving her life to Christ and just as the woman at the well in John 4:4-26, after getting saved she started expressing her desire to share the Gospel with her neighbors as well. Gomoa Brayenda Community is in the heart of the forest surrounded by farm lands. About 45 minute to One hour walk to nearby Awomberew village.

Evangelism at Gomoa Brayenda Community

In the evening we began another personal and street evangelism in the Gomoa Abassa Community. The gospel was preached and souls were won for Christ that same night. We return back to continues our Missionary training, this took us to the later in the night same day. 


1st Church Service at Gomoa Brayenda

On Sunday early hours in the morning at about 4:30 am we were at local information center for down broadcasting to the whole community at Awomberew. Minister Annalisa preached on salvation in Jesus Christ alone.  Afterward we get back to prepare for the first Church Service at Gomoa Brayenda community. We arrived at the Brayenda and started first Church Service with people over there.  Soon the Church service was over, God’s favor was with us, a taxi driver who conveyed us through the rough tough bushy road joined the Church service at Brayenda, a Motor Rider following us also join the Church service. The taxi driver waited for us and conveyed us back to Awomberew for another Church service with Awomberew Baptist Church. It was the Lord doing and marvelous in the eyes of everyone.

 Church service with the Baptist Church soon came to an end. After meeting with the leaders of the local church, we went back to get our belonging ready and we set off to Accra with the promise to return shortly. Before leaving we visited and prayed at the proposed new site plan to build a Multipurpose School project at Awomberew Community.


This missionary trip definitely exceeded our expectations; the people were revived, some were healed by the power of God and many overwhelmed with joy and peace. Finally, by the Grace of God we left Gomoa Abaasa hostel back to Accra, after a moment of prayer and communion service at 3.30pm. It was the glory of God we were looking for. It was transformed lives we were praying for and that’s what we obtained. May God’s name be forever glorified!

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