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LMC Missionary Trip

It was Monday afternoon, our minds and hearts are set to move into the mission field for the harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God.  Here we are, LMC GLOBAL missionaries embarking on one-week missionary work at Awomberew and the surrounding villages in the Gomoa Central in the Central Region of Ghana. The Missionary team set off in the afternoon and arrives at the mission ground the same day to begin work.  Intensive prayer was our first assignment at our arrival. Oguakrom was our first point of contact and there we lodge.  Oguakrom was a neighboring village before entering Awomberew village the center of our activities.  

On the morrow, our missionaries and volunteers were briefed and exhorted by Rev Ed Arcton, after which we went out into the town very early hours at 04:00 am in the morning for dawn-broadcasting within the community of Oguakrom and Awomberew to preach the gospel. The Local information hub (local radio station) at Oguakrom was made available for us to preach the gospel to the whole community. Pastor Fred preached and called on the people of the community to repent and depart from idol worship, witchcraft, and other abominable things and give their lives to Jesus as Lord and personal savior.  At the same time in Awomberew that early morning we were on the streets of the community preaching (dawn broadcasting) calling the people to repentance. Soon the down Broadcasting was over and we return to our quarters to get ready for the plan of action for the day. 

During the day in the morning, we set off for house-to-house evangelism. The team was split into three groups; Team A and B moved to Gomoa Abonyi a village after Awomberew for house-to-house evangelism. Team C stayed at Awomberew reaching out to the children in the community. Almost every house we entered into was responsive to the gospel. Many souls gave their life to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The sick were prayed for and were all healed by the power of God.

Team A also ministered the gospel to over 19 individuals who were very receptive to the gospel. Among them were both youths and the elders. The message of Jesus Christ was well received.  A young lady after hearing the word of God, as evidence of her repentance went home and removed the filthy dress she was wearing which was inappropriate, and put on a decent cloth. After Team A had finished sharing the gospel, on their way back, they were stopped and asked about their presence in the town by a young curious lady and after being enlightened about the purpose of LMC Global, she urged the team to follow her to her house so they can share the gospel with her. After speaking to her, we discovered that she has been diagnosed with rheumatism and fibroid, Led by the Spirit of God, the team prayed for her to receive healing and she was instantly healed to the glory of God.

Team B on the other hand, maintained house-to-house evangelism in the Gomoa Abonyi Community.  The gospel was preached to individual households in the community and about 6 families gave their life to Jesus as Lord and savior. Team B took time to extensively explain what salvation meant according to the Bible, the response was very positive to the extent that team B realized the need to plan an entire trip to the community for evangelism and discipleship.

Team C stayed at Awomberew village and focus on child evangelism. This yielded great results; we saw a great number of children eager to listen to the gospel and be blessed, at the same time their parents were also responsive to the gospel and accepted Jesus into their life. This is the first time the whole Team was tasked to focus on the children. They went to the market center where there were a lot of children.  The number of children that came was about 35 on the first day. Pastor Fred was the one who preached to the children. The children listened well and answered the questions we asked. We spent about an hour with the children at the market square. Afterward, the team moved to nearby houses and ministered to other children. Sister Ruth Mary preached. The people were very responsive to the gospel. Some mothers of the children were very happy that we chose to focus on the children. Moreover, a group of children gathered together sitting in front of a T.V.  Repairer’s shop were not left out, they also received the gospel and gave their lives to Jesus Christ. We realized that most of the children didn’t really understand who Jesus is and the work He came to do for mankind. When asked, who is Jesus Christ? Some said Jesus is a spirit, others said he is the air and some also didn’t know Him at all. In all, we saw need for child evangelism ministry is needed in the community.

The day was far spent; we all came together for an overview of the day’s activities at our return. We realized that our coming to these communities was timely and God-sent. We realized that our presence in these communities was needed and a very good move of the leadership of Liberation Mission for Christ (LMC Global).

On the same day, Tuesday evening, we were at Awomberew Baptist Church, our host, for Church Service. Pastor Obed preached that night. He spoke on the topic “the need for evangelism”. Afterward, prayers were made for God to empower his laborers who are on the mission field, and to send more laborers into the harvest field for greater harvest into the kingdom of God. It was Tuesday evening, the second day on the mission fields. 

The following day was Wednesday early hours of the night we were awake to have time with God in prayer. Rev Ed Arcton gave the exhortation, he encourage us to hold firmly the power in the name of Jesus. Therefrom we moved to the local information hub (local radio station) at Oguakrom and Awomberew to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ as part of the down broadcasting. Pastor Fred preached at the Oguakrom information center. While Pastor Isaac preached at Awomberew information Center, he urged the people of Awomberew to repent and turn from their evil way unto God for salvation. For the return of Jesus Christ is nearer than we may think. Just after the dawn broadcasting an elder man who is the Chief Linguist nominated of the town came out to meet us.  He said today’s sermon was a great blessing to him. He listened to every word that was preached and has learned a lot. He was thankful to God for the message of the cross. This elderly man admitted that the impartation of the word of God preached that morning has revived his personal life.

We then returned to prepare ourselves for community evangelism. Soon the three group’s teams departed to their respective assigned fields and began evangelism and discipleship within the communities. They shared the gospel with many as they moved from one place to another; the Lord was working with them confirming his word with signs and wonders. Team A went back to the village of Gomoa Abonyi to share the gospel and discipled many ,among them were traders and senior high school leavers who for personal reasons couldn’t continue their educations and had ended up in activities that would not help their life and destiny. The team spent more time with this senior high school leaver who were reluctant to receive the gospel but after a while of interactions expressed an interest to listen and accepted the gospel.

Team B moved to the village of Nyarkuadze for a house to house evangelism and spoke to individuals in their houses, they heard the gospel of truth preached in their mother tongue; afterward, others rededicated their lives to Jesus Christ while some gave their lives to Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Meanwhile, Team C when back to the community of Awomberew and engaged the children in child evangelism lessons. Afterward, they follow the farmers to their farmland to evangelize them. The farmers were glad we came to them at their farms to share the love of Christ with them and prayed for them who needed divine help. Today we saw a lot of them surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ and committing themselves to a local church in the community.

In the evening we were back to Awomberew for a gospel crusade. This time we use gospel film to communicate to the people. The film was a very powerful tool of communication to reach out to the people since majority were uneducated. The crusade drew together many people from their houses to the market square to watch the film and listen to the message of the cross.  The attendance was over 200 people coming from the community to listen to the gospel. The title of the film is “Land of Fury”. The revelations of the film compel people to think about their personal relationship with Jesus and the decision to surrender wholeheartedly to Jesus was powerful and unquestionable. The people were blessed and were prayed for, the sick were also prayed for and got healed. The turn out for the film evangelism was so much a success that they requested to watch it again the following day which we did. Souls saved were prayed for and asked to fellowship with the local Baptist Church in the community. It was a great day for us as we saw the move of God among these three communities. 

 On Thursday, early hours at midnight as usual we were on our knees in prayer. Rev Ed Arcton exhorted us about the power of prayer that has the potential to change things in the communities and impart many lives of the people we ministered to.  We, therefore, spend time to pray together before moving out for our dawn broadcasting early hours in the morning at the community information Center both at Oguakrom and Awomberew.  This time some youth of the local Baptist Church join us in the dawn broadcasting as well as during the day evangelism in the communities.

Team A was at Awomberew, Pastor Fred preached and asked the people to turn their hearts to Jesus Christ for their salvation. While team B went to Oguakrom, Pastor Isaac preached repentance and forgiveness of sin, asking people to come to Jesus Christ, the only Savoir of all mankind.

 Again some of the youth from the local Baptist Church at Awomberew join our teams for street and house to house evangelism both at Oguakrom, Awomberew, and Abonyi villages; to them, it was an exposure and beginning of soul winning in their local church.  When team A was returning they met a woman, a plantain seller who was married to a Muslim said to them that she had a dream at night that she will be meeting LMC Global missionaries that will preached for her to accept Jesus Christ into her life. On that revelation, our missionary team preached Christ to her and she did accept Jesus Christ as personal Lord and savior. That day over 40 souls accepted the message of the cross and gave their life to Jesus Christ.

In the evening at the gospel crusade ground (market square) another film was shown to the people at Awomberew entitled ‘’Shackles’’. The impartation of the film was tremendously powerful and the response of the people was encouraging. They understood the lessons embedded in the film and dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ to be his true disciple. The film exposes the activities of false prophets and teachers.  Also the message of the film taught them to turn their heart to bible centered worship. At the end of the gospel film that night, almost about 50 people rededicated their lives to Jesus Christ.  

On the fifth day, early hours in the morning the cold breeze kept the whether favorable for us to work harder in travailing and prevailing in prayer. We soaked ourselves in worship and lifted up prayers and supplications for the communities unto God who hears and answers. Rev Ed Arcton once again admonishes us to seek the presence of the Holy Spirit and operate under his anointing and leadership, for it holds the secret to breakthrough and victory over the force of the communities. He specifically stated that ‘’when a man gets anointed, whatever he lays his hands on becomes a weapon for God to use to defeat the enemy and advance the Kingdom of God among people’’. This message brought strength and revival to the team as they move forward with the gospel.  At dawn, we split into two groups for the dawn broadcasting at the local information center. One team moved to Awomberew and the other team stay at Oguakrom. Pastor Obed preached at the Awomberew local radio station whiles Brother Emmanuel, (the youth president of Awomberew Baptist Church) preached at Oguakrom local radio station. Afterward, the team returned at daybreak to prepare for School Ministry with the community local government schools at Nyarkuadze and Gomoa Abonyi. We preached to Students who were in the final year preparing for the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in November. We saw an overwhelming response as Pastor Obed and Pastor Fred shares the gospel with the student at Nyarkuadze. Similarly, at Gomoa Abonyi Pastor Isaac and Minister Ruth were presences to share the gospel with the final year students. The results were amazing and students were graciously blessed. The School Authority requested for frequent visits of LMC Global team to share the gospel with the students as well as with the teachers themselves. Indeed we found favor with God and with communities we preached the gospel.  The amazing thing is that the assistant headteacher at Nyarkuadze Basic School was a Muslim who was happy about our presence in the school and the message was preached to the students.  Follow-ups to the school were considered at our next visit.

We were overjoyed for what the Lord was doing with us in these communities. Soon the time was up to get back and prepare for the evening half-night prayer time with the Awomberew Baptist Church. The half-night service witnessed the impartation of the gospel by Rev Ed Arcton. An intensive prayer was led by Pastor Fred. Many were prayed for, especially the youth of the community. 

On Saturday there was a much shower of rainfall all over the communities. The Lord answered our prayer for rainfall and it rains most of the day until Sunday. On the same day, Saturday our missionary team spends most of the time in prayer for the community indoor. In the mid-morning we take the evangelism to our neighbors where we reside, it was a good move sharing the gospel with them in their houses. They receive us with joy and are eager to listen to the message of the cross. Those who heard us gave their life to Christ. Meanwhile, Pastor Fred and Minister Ruth were at the Awomberew Baptist Church for the youth empowerment service. By late afternoon it was favorable whether to visit some places at Winneba Township around the coast at the breach site.  We also visited tourism sightseeing at the Winneba beach.  LMC Global volunteers were excited and wanted to continue missionary work with us again.  

Finally, the Missionary trip was climaxed with a worship service at Awomberew Baptist Church on Sunday morning. An intensive prayer was made led by Pastor Fred for the local Churches and the communities. This was after Pastor Obed had finished the Sunday school Bible Study session. He taught them about Kingdom Service. After a power session of praises and worship by the worship team, Pastor Isaac takes over the podium and gave the sermon entitled ‘’Lord, Open my eyes’’. The church was admonished to pursue to know Jesus Christ who did not only die but rose up again from the grave and He is alive forever. Soon church service was over; Rev Arcton on behalf of LMC Global thanked the church for accommodating LMC Team and their hospitality. We then bid them farewells with the promise to return soon for discipleship. It was an experiential walk with Jesus on the mission field. 

Below are some photos of our Missionary Trip.

Thank you. 

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