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Field Report

We arrived at the mission grounds on Monday 15th February, late in the afternoon. After praying and resting for a while, we began our One week Mission program with the local church same day evening. The service was attended with attendances from other denominations in the community. Pastor Fred preached that night, the topic of his message was “the pew on the authority of the believer on the kingdom of darkness”. He led the church into an intense prayer session after the sermon; this was followed by thanksgiving and praises. It was the first day.

On Tuesday morning, 16th February the following day, we began with morning devotion service with the congregant of the local church. Pastor Isaac preached on the topic “constraining the word to abide with the believer”. Later in the mid-morning we launched out for evangelism in the community. We were able to witness to many people who gave their life to Jesus as Lord and Savior. We covered a portion of the demography of the community sharing the love of Christ. In the evening we were at the local Baptist Church for church service. Pastor Isaac preached on the topic “revival is the plan of God”. He exhorted the congregation about God’s ultimate intention to redeem man back to himself in other to give man an eternal life through his only begotten Son Jesus Christ by faith. The evening church service ended with prayers and thanksgiving.

It was Wednesday 17th February the following day and as usual we began with morning devotion service with the local Baptist Church, Pastor Fred preached on the topic “consistency in making prayer petition”. He admonished everyone to have quality daily prayer time before their daily activities.Soon the morning service was over, the team prepared and launched out for evangelism. By mid-day same day, our second batch of team arrived and immediately joins us on the evangelism to minister the gospel to the indigenous people. In the afternoon we met with the caretakers of the mission school project of Liberation Mission For Christ to discuss the progress of the school. From here the team rested and prepared for the evening church service. Pastor Obed preached that night on the topic “walking in the Spirit like Jesus”. He exhorted the church to be spiritual minded and learn to tarry to be filled with the Holy Spirit every day. Secondly we must allow ourselves to be led by the Holy Spirit like Jesus as recovered in Luke Gospel Chapter 4. Speaking from Luke 4:1, he explained and exhorted the church with many words from the life of Jesus and later led the church into intensive prayers. The service ended with people full of joy of the Lord and gladness of heart.

On the fourth day we gather again early hours in the morning at the church hall for the morning devotion service with the local church. Minister Ruth gave the word of exhortation and led the church into prayer. She spoke on the importance of reading the Bible and washing oneself daily with the Word of God in other to be able to effectively and fervently live a victorious Christian life in Christ. After the morning devotion, the team met with the caretakers of the school project to discuss the current and future direction of the mission project. In the mid-morning we moved out again into the community for house to house evangelism, there we preached the gospel to the people in the community. Some give their life to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Souls that gave their life to Jesus Christ followed us to the church and became members of the local church. In the afternoon same day we were invited to witness an inter-class quiz organized for pupils at the school premises. Awards were given to all deserving participants. It was a covid-19 pandemic era with many restrictions. We educated the school pupil on proper hygienic, ways of hand washing, the use of hand sensitize, wearing on nose mask and about prevention of covid-19 sickness. Soon the school period was over to close for the day. We rested awhile and later returns to the church service for evening service. Pastor Fred preached that night and stressed on the necessity to tarry in prayer everyday to destroy the works of the evil one. He later engaged the whole church into intensive prayer session. He also lay hands and prayed for every one that night. 

On Friday, the morning devotion service was led by Pastor Obed. He led the church to pray intensively for revival of God’s work in the community. In the mid-morning same day we participated in the school P.T.A meeting. The vision and mission of the school was heightened to the parent present at the meeting by Rev Ed Arcton. He also explained to parent the new direction the mission want to steer the school in the years ahead. The parents present were happy about the new initiative and leadership. Concerns were raised from both ends and a consensus was reached in respect to providing quality education to children. Soon the PTA meeting came to an end. Parents were invited to participate in the evening half night church service.

The half night prayer service began at 9:00pm and closed at 12:30am. The night prayer session was powerful and full of song ministrations, intensive prayers and word ministration. It was led by Pastor Fred, Pastor Isaac and Pastor Obed.

Rev Ed Arcton exhorted the congregation and prayed to close the half night prayer meeting. 

On Saturday morning we had a youth empowerment seminar with the youths of the local church and some youth of the community also participated. Our aim was to strengthening them to flee from youthful lust and pursue righteousness. The youth empowerment seminar was led by Pastor Isaac and Pastor Fred. They taught them from the Holy Scripture and saw great impartation of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the youth and the grace of God to overcome sexual immorality and other social evil devices that can destroys their life and destiny. Leadership empowerment seminar was also held with the church leaders late in the afternoon, the resource person was Rev Ed Arcton. 

On Sunday 21st February was the end of the week long program. It was a day of thanksgiving, testimonies and Praises. Pastor Fred led the Sunday school session while Rev Ed Arcton preached the sermon on the topic “Walking in the Spirit”. He expounded and explained the scriptures from Galatians 5:16-25, he further stressed on the need to avail ourselves for the Spirit of God to take control of our whole being, we need to feed our spirit with the word of God and prayer. He said we must crucify our flesh and its vain desires and passions. He exhorted members of the local church to sustain the revival fire by walking in the Spirit and engaging in spiritual activities that beings consistent spiritual renewal and revival in their personal life and the local church; More so developing personal Bible Study, prayers life, fasting, meditation, bearing spiritual fruits and many more will enable them overcome all the temptations of the evil one when he comes knocking at the door. The Church service came to a close with a prayer from Rev Arcton.

After the Church service we spend some time with individuals for counseling; soon that was over and we set off heading to Accra with a promise to return shortly for another revival in the church and the community.

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